Data Exchange

The Orange Button data community has developed a Data Exchange to improve access to solar-related data and advance the solar marketplace. Additionally, we are building a translation platform to migrate any of your existing data structures into standardized formats to increase their utility and interoperability.

Solar Data Translation Platform

The Solar Data Translation Platform (SDTP) will be a cloud-based solution designed to translate disparate file formats and data structures into the community-led data standard developed as part of the Orange Button program.

This work is being led by kWh Analytics and the goal for this platform is to lower the barriers to adoption and accelerate the use of the data standards.

Solar Data Exchange Platform

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is leading the development of the Solar Data Exchange Platform, which will be a comprehensive catalog for solar data that connects standardized data access to the solar industry in order to advance the solar marketplace. The platform will catalog data, provide links and federate data to external relevant websites, and provide metadata for data provenance and licensing.

The eventual goal for this platform is to successfully transition the platform to an industry stakeholder who is willing and capable of keeping the platform running indefinitely and enabling a marketplace for solar data exchanges, purchases, and connections.